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'Mountain' is the story of a man in pieces. Bound by paralysing grief, he takes matters into his own hands and becomes fixated by the idea of hiking up a mountain.


By turns playful, mysterious and raw, Mountain exists at an achingly beautiful, sometimes messy intersection of fable and certitude — a world where tiny lakes appear in the kitchen and grieving men find feathers in their cereal.


The man’s journey up the mountain opens precipitously outward, to encompass not just his own voice, but the voice of the mountain, the wind, of a planet crying out for what it’s losing and what it’s already lost.


Continuously shifting perspectives from the epic to the deeply personal and bringing to the stage a deeply-felt story of transformation, 'Mountain' is a hymn to the transformative power of grief; to the wonder of the unknown.

Co-created by Kit Brookman and André Jewson,

'Mountain' is being developed in association with Geelong Arts Centre.

written and directed by Kit Brookman

performed by André Jewson

'The plates converged like the skull of an infant,

and at their boundary they buckled and I was born...'