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“Rabbits don’t talk Mr Wertheim. They keep their stupid mouths shut or they get whacked on the head with a shovel... Learn to be a rabbit."

Johann’s super-sized rabbits are his pride and joy. Much to his surprise, the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has taken a special interest, and will stop at nothing to get his hands on them.  When a bungled undercover rescue mission transports Johann to North Korea, he finds himself, and the bunnies he betrayed, in a bit of a stew.

A Rabbit for Kim Jong-il is a cunning comic thriller spanning two continents.  Crammed with secret agents, espionage, double-crossings and a giant rabbit named Felix, the play is also a pointed parable about betrayal and forgiveness, greed and regret.


Griffin Theatre Company

10 October - 21 November 2015


All photographs by Brett Boardman

“It starts out absurd and then creeps up on you and hits you over the head... a theatrical ambush.”

                      - John McCallum, The Australian

Written by Kit Brookman

Direction: Lee Lewis

Set and costume design: Elizabeth Gadsby

Composition and sound design: Steve Francis

Lighting design: Luiz Pampolha

with Kit Brookman, Kate Box, Kaeng Chan, Steve Rodgers and Meme Thorne

“The brilliant opening scene sets the tone of a comic thriller – funny and scary in equal parts.”

                    - Rebecca Whitton, Australian Stage

"A Rabbit for Kim Jong-il is an ambitious, funny production of which Dürrenmatt himself would be proud."

                - Jessica Keath, Concrete Playground

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