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"What do you think is the worst thing about the truth?"

The new girl at school has disappeared. It’s been three nights now, and no one knows where she went. Taken? Or vanished of her own accord. As the night drags on, six of her classmates attempt to unravel the mystery, piecing together fragments of their brief encounters with her, grappling with the enormous absence of someone they hardly knew.

But is someone saying less than they know?

By turns unnerving and darkly funny, Close is a tightly-wound mystery about guilt both real and imagined.

Shortlisted for the Patrick White Playwright's Award 2011.

Shortlisted for the Griffin Award 2010.



7 - 22 FEB 2018

Written by Kit Brookman

Directed and designed by Melissa Chambers

Lighting design Alexander Capon

with Jack Ayres, Madison Clare, Gabriella Leon, George Lock, William Shackleton, and Carissa Wagner.


All photographs by Matthew Kaltenborn

"A thrilling story told by a highly engaging cast..."

           - Sepy Baghaei, London Pub Theatres

"Close presents an evergreen situation – teenagers do disappear – made original by fresh thoughts and ideas. And despite the seriousness of the subject, in places it’s laugh-aloud funny."

           - Susan Elkin, Sardines Magazine

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