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All photographs by Sarah Walker

"The plates converged like the skull of an infant, and at their boundary they buckled, and I was born..."

Mountain is the story of a man in pieces. Adrift in grief, he becomes fixated by the idea of hiking up a mountain.


The man’s journey up the mountain opens precipitously outward, to encompass not just his own voice, but the voice of the mountain, the wind, of a planet crying out for what it’s losing and what it’s already lost.

Co-created with performer André Jewson, Mountain is a hymn to the transformative power of grief; to the wonder of the unknown.


Geelong Arts Centre

in association with Performing Lines and Sweet Reason

June 2022

Co-creator, writer and director:                        Kit Brookman

Co-creator and performer:                              André Jewson

Set and Costume Design:                                Charlotte Lane

Lighting Design:                                                Richard Vabre

Sound Design and Composition:                     James Brown

Movement Direction:                                       Caroline Meaden

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