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All photographs by Sarah Walker

Tom abandons his sister Sasha by the side of the road. She plunges headlong into the night.

Her search for him takes her to a park, an alleyway, a riverbank - even to the far reaches of Siberia. As she hunts him down, Sasha peels back the layers of their shifting relationship, past the unreliability of gender, sexuality and both their bodies.


But by searching for someone who’s lost in the night, there’s always the risk that you might lose yourself as well.


As the night wears on, Sasha discovers that looking in someone's true face means you might also have to see your own...


Stuck Pigs Squealing Theatre at TheatreWorks

15 August - 1 September 2013

Written by Kit Brookman

Directed by Luke Mullins

Set and costume design: Mel Page

Composition and sound design: James Brown

Lighting design: Richard Vabre

with Tom Conroy, Brian Lipson, Marcus McKenzie and Sarah Ogden.


"There's no doubt about it; night maybe is a must... this new work by writer Kit Brookman is as beautiful as it is disturbing."

                   - Anne-Marie Peard,

"Truly mesmerizing... kept the audience in a kind of hypnotic trance from beginning to end."

                   - Mark Pearce, Curtaincall

"Kit Brookman’s script is like a cloud of black smoke which slowly envelops us as it deals with issues of love, being alone and abandonment... It is rare when all the elements of a show come together in such a perfect way to create a special piece of theatre. night maybe is a glorious example of this. "

                  - Myron My, Theatrepress

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