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December 18th, 1999.

A man was seen leaving a petrol station on the outskirts of Wilcannia. Dressed in a white linen suit, a broad-brimmed hat, hiking boots, sunglasses. His car was not captured on the closed-circuit television at the petrol station, but it was recorded approximately two hours later, traveling west, by a speed camera on the motorway. The man in the white linen suit was not seen by anyone until five days later. The car was never found.

A man, alone, is discovered in the scrub beside the highway.

He's half-dead; so badly burned by the sun that his skin is peeling away.

His microphone and camera are found beside him with twelve hours of footage that records no sound but the wind.


When he wakes, he remembers nothing, not even his name.

Night Parrot is named for one of the world's most elusive birds, a species long thought to have vanished entirely. A parable of desire and extinction created with performer Luke Mullins.

Developed with The Yard as part of Live Drafts, May 2018

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