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a play in three parts.

Shortlisted:  Max Afford Award 2016

                       Griffin Award 2017

                       Silver Gull Award 2017

Longlisted:  Bruntwood Prize 2019

- And the silence between us on the back deck changed its nature. We were no longer silenced by the beauty of what we saw, but by the horror of it.

- Yes.

- The horror of events.

- Being witness to those horrific events.

- Because what can you say.

- Eventually.

- Eventually there’s nothing to be said.

- Words are cheap.

- They don’t come near it.

- Not even close.

Part One: The present. A community splinters like ice peeling off the Antarctic shelf.

Part Two: The near future. A politician's high stakes dinner party goes badly wrong.

Part Three: The Dark Ages. A democratic decision is reached regarding a terrifying monster.

Development history:

2016: workshopped with Playwriting Australia's Rapid Fire program.

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