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Three years on from the sudden death of her husband, Sue’s future still feels blank. Her three children are distant and distracted. For the first time in her life, she’s alone. Sue decides to take drastic action: to be surrounded by life, even if that life is vegetable.


But when you need to talk, plants don’t necessarily make the best conversational partners.


So Sue strikes on a radical solution – one that means her children will have to contend with an unexpected new arrival in the family…



8 JULY- 5 AUGUST 2017

Written by Kit Brookman

Direction: Elsie Edgerton-Till

Set and costume design: Isobel Hudson

Composition and sound design: Darryl Wallis

Lighting design: Benjamin Brockman

with Briallen Clarke, Helen Dallimore, Michelle Lim Davidson, Sandy Gore and Garth Holcombe


All photographs by Prudence Upton


"The Plant is a bittersweet, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny play about families, grief and loneliness... Sandy Gore is perfectly cast as Sue, delivering a subtly devastating portrait of this woman on the verge... I only wish more theatre had the ability to touch hearts like this play."

                  - Ben Neutze, Daily Review


"Melds humour and deep pain with disarming ease... Brookman’s empathy for our scrambling, struggling responses to pain, and the ways we try and fail to connect with each other, is the best thing about this play; he loves that we try, that we fail, that we reach out and curl inwards and reach out again. For a play about a flowering plant, it’s unquestionably human.

                 - Cassie Tongue, Time Out

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