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"But you don't think about these things at the time, do you. You don't think about the man in front of you crossing to your side of the street. Or the wet little pile of cigarette ends outside your front gate in the morning. Or the odd silence in the upstairs flat..."

A chance encounter with an old friend leads recently-unemployed Nick to take a job in the country as a tutor to two young children. The job seems perfect, the family he's working for too good to be true.

But then the stones begin to arrive...

A contemporary gothic mystery in which a splintering present gives way to our murky future.

All photographs by Jane Hobson


The Signal House / King's Head Theatre

13 - 18 August 2019

Remounted August 2022 at Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, as part of the Fringe Festival

Written and directed by Kit Brookman

Performed by: Luke Mullins

Lighting design: Ben Jacobs

Sound design: Jethro Woodward



A masterclass in slowly ratcheting up tension with little more than dry ice, an understated soundtrack and tremendously lyrical writing... a satisfying, dark mystery, regularly undercut with black humour, that's sure to haunt you for days."

                        - David Hepburn, The Scotsman


... unnerving in its quiet power... The Stones is a slow-burn show, but one that quickly captures your attention, then mercilessly plays with it... an intelligent, decidedly creepy response to our current precarious times."

                        - David Kettle, The Arts Desk


Mullins is riveting... A truly intelligent piece of literature... transcends the boundaries of its limitations."

                        - Heather Jeffery, London Pub Theatres


Shades of Robert Aickman, Shirley Jackson and Henry James' The Turn of the Screw... Consummate storytelling in both the writing and the rendering."

                        - Jonathan Kemp, Queerguru

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